About Us

Interactive Toys to Nurture Your Children’s Creativity And Imagination


Parents, grandparents and educators are always looking for easy and creative ways to entertain their kids with fun-filled family activities.

Ways to promote focus, help them relax, or even calm down in different scenarios and events.That’s where sensory tools come in handy. 

Each child is unique in what engages them. Sensory focused toys and activities allow children with all different learning styles to find learning fun and easy. 

Sensory toys also promote basic life skills for children. They can learn different foods while they play cook or cook in real life with a loved one. Or maybe they will learn to count or about balance while they build with blocks. The options are endless when a child's senses are stimulated and their imagination is free. 

The growing need for interactive, sensory toys that make a difference in your kids' life led to the inception of The Sensory Store. 

We’re an NYS-based startup with a vision to provide a vast range of sustainable, hands-on learning, interactive sensory toys that your children will cherish for years to come.

Our toys promote different learning styles in your children based on their sensory preferences by engaging the basic senses. Children utilize their sight, touch, smell, and hearing senses to promote a fun-packed learning environment.

We believe in fostering your child’s imagination without leaving a large carbon footprint behind. We believe in the use of sustainable materials that are safe for your kids and the environment.

 At The Sensory Store we hope to diversify the toy range from simple pop toys, fidget spinners and stretch toys to mental stimulators such as tactile brain games and puzzles. Toys that will build a healthy relationship between parents, grandparents, and children in an engaging and exciting way. We want to provide our customers not only with toys that are physically made with wonderful heirloom quality, but are also mentally and ecologically good quality. We have no interest in being part of the mindless scrolling, disposable culture we see today. We think that what your children play with should not JUST keep them distracted or mindlessly busy, but should engage them in a stimulating way. The main job of our children is to play! So let's make sure that while they do they are learning, exploring, asking questions, solving problems, and growing.  

You can check out our online collection or visit our catalog to choose from a variety of toys that bring a smile to your child’s face.

Let’s be honest- there’s nothing like having too many sensory toys!