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Wooden Flower Press Kit

Wooden Flower Press Kit

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About this item

  • Flower Press Kit: Everything to get started! Wooden press plates & straps, absorbent papers, art knife, shears, tweezers & more! Instructional information included to begin the art of flower pressing
  • Premium Materials: Wooden plate is beautifully crafted & durable to withstand pressure from the straps. Drying plate and lining paper make it quick to press & dry, preserving a great color retention
  • Multi-Layer Pressing Action: Improve efficiency & create more pressed flowers and plants by being able to press several layers at the same time. The strap system creates steady pressure throughout
  • Herbarium: A personal library to store & classify your flowers & plants! Individual sheets can easily be inserted at any place, removed at any time & reinserted again anywhere in your collection
  • Compact & Versatile: Easily fits in a small backpack and is perfect for taking along on camping or hiking trips. Great craft for greeting cards, scrapbooking, bookmarks, or applied to candles and soap
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